Monday, July 4, 2011

Canada Day Weekend & Visit with Dad!


Sorry I was MIA all weekend. My dad was in town and stayed with us on Friday and Saturday night so I spent most of my weekend unplugged making the most of our time together.


I probably won’t get out to see him again until this time next year!
Well, that’s if you don’t count Skype

Also, I didn’t formally keep a food log. Breakfast was healthy everyday, but the rest of it....well... I can basically sum it up with the following pictures:

“Those who like it, like it a lot”



I had this incredible burger from Jack Astor’s Saturday for lunch with some sweet potato fries. I just looked up the stat’s on this burger. Ignorance was bliss my friends... I definitely won’t be ordering this again. It’s delicious, but not worth almost my total daily calorie allowance! *I’m not technically counting calories but I am trying to be conscious of them!

Today I tried to clean up my act a bit – after a weekend like that my body is craving healthy food!

I had my new favourite breakfast – Peanut butter toast with fruit and cinnamon on top. Today’s fruit was a peach:


I had a late breakfast, so after the gym (where I started my first day of Couch to 5K – explanation to come later, but long story short I really hated the last program I tried) I grabbed a snack size Brazilian Thunder smoothie from Booster Juice and a S’mores Luna Bar as my post workout fuel/late lunch:

Which I smuggled onto the bus Winking smile and let me tell you, it is not easy taking pictures while it’s moving!

I forgot to take pictures of my supper I packed for work but it was pretty basic – w.w pasta with marinara sauce and broccoli and cauliflower. I also had a Nature Valley Granola bar and another peach.

Overall, not a bad day! Working weird shifts, like 3-11, can really throw off my day if I don’t plan it right. I need to make sure to pack enough food if I go out before work and restructure my day if I slept in late. I can’t wait until I have a normal job with normal hours! It’ll be so much easier to plan my days! I am sick of shift work!

Do you work random hours/shift work? If so how do you plan out your day if your breaks and meal times don’t always match up?
How was your holiday weekend? Smile

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