Monday, July 11, 2011

Switchin’ it up!


If you’ve been reading along, you might be wondering why I gave up on my original 5K training plan and started from scratch with the Couch to 5K program last week.

The short answer is: I really hated it.

I know, that seems harsh. But I really tried to give it a shot (twice!) but I just couldn’t get into it. The main two reasons were that it started out too much too soon (ummm I’m a brand spankin’ new runner who sucks at it. Sure lets just start running for 5 minutes when you have never ran before!) and it was in miles. Being in miles wasn’t that big of a deal, nothing Google maps/converter couldn’t fix for me, but it was a headache trying to make sure I figured it all out before I went to the gym. If I forgot to work it out before I left I was kind of screwed once I got there.

Basically, it was frustrating and a hassle.

Couch to 5K however is MUCH better. It’s time based (so it doesn’t matter if it is km’s or miles), easy peasy to remember, and it ease you in a little slower than the other plan.
I am in week 2 and so far I am loving it! Just enough of a challengeSmile


I have been obsessed with iced coffee lately. Seriously, McDonalds has me hooked with their “only a dollar, alllll summer” iced coffees. And yes, I sing that whenever I ask Brandon to get me one Smile with tongue outI finally started making them at home, but realized I really don’t have many containers that I can keep
my coffee in in the fridge. So I got creative and decided to use an old tupperware container. Hey , it works!

              (Splenda French Vanilla for coffee thingy, coffee and milk)

After my coffee, it was time to get ready to meet my momma for our lunch date! It was my day off, and since she gets an hour and half for lunch we decided to go for a little picnic lunch and do some window shopping downtown.

It was crazy hot and windy so I decided it would probably be best to braid my bangs back. I am slowly getting better at it! Thank goodness, because my bangs are at that awful awkward length and combined with the heat = a not so cute Meaghan.

Even though I brought my camera, the only picture I managed to take was of the park I was at while waiting for the bus to go home!


After our visit, I went home for a lazy afternoon – I caught up on Big Brother (even though I am ADDICTED to spoilers so I knew what was going to happen anyway) and just relaxed. \

I was in a bit of a funk all afternoon, so after supper I decided to walk to the library and pick up my copy of The Happiness Project.



After being on the waitlist for almost 3 months it was finally my turn to read the book. I guess that’s the “cost” of waiting to read it for free instead of buying it. Oh well, I’m just happy I can finally read it. I have heard such good things about it!

Now I am just waiting for The Bachelorette to come on, and for Brandon to come home from work.

Hope you all had a great Monday!


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