Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lazy Post

Working the night shift this week has been awful for trying to stay on schedule for blogging! As soon as I get in the door all I want to do is crash, and that includes tonight. Hopefully tonight is my last night shift for a while!

I am going to keep tonight’s post light on words, with a couple pictures of the highlights of the last few days. I’m too tired to put much more effort in that that

My eats have been pretty good overall the past few days, but I had little to no will power when it came to sweets this week (damn hormones!). I tried to keep them in moderation as much as I could and I’m not beating myself up too much about my indulgences because I know I did really well with everything else. I even finished my first week of Couch to 5K. (Which reminds me, my explanation of why I switched is coming tomorrow)

        Smoothies are always better in a wine glass!

Open-faced tuna sandwich – I always seem to eat these and tuna melts a lot during the summer

Had my niece for a visit, we made brownies and she was quality control Smile with tongue out


Brandon and I went to Crystal Crescent Beach – it was a perfect morning at the beach!

                                                  Gorgeous! Smile


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