About Me

Hey there! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading!
Me on New Years Eve!
I am a 20-something soon to be recent university grad who loves all thinks pink, frilly, and well...girly! I spend excessive amounts of time on People.com or Perez and know way too many random facts/tidbits about the various celebrities on there. I love fashion, music, tv & movies, all things make up & beauty related, and food!

I started this blog after being inspired by all of the amazing blogs out there! I had been reading them for a while, and decided it was time to start my own! I had felt like a "creeper" for long enough :P It started out as mainly a healthy living blog, but I think I felt pressured to track everyday like I had seen others do, and it was just too much to 'live up to', esp. since it was September and I was just starting my last year (and my busiest and craziest) of my undergrad. I've come to realize that just because some other people blog that way, it doesn't mean I have to.

Now this blog will be about everything and anything. It's going to be about my life while adjusting to graduation, my boyfriend (of 7 years!) and I moving in together, finding my "big girl job" and staying healthy while doing so. Some days might be more health centered, and other days it might be just me rambling about my day, life, or a new product I tried!

Any Questions - feel free to contact me at treadmillsandmascara@gmail.com


  1. We have so much in common! We are both about to graduate in May (!!), we both have very long-term relationships (9 years for me), and we both strive to stay healthy! :)

    Oh and I also love celebrity gossip mags! ;)

  2. We do! We even both took longer to do our degrees! I did mine in 5 years instead of 4.

    Love your blog ! :)

  3. I took the 5 year plan, too!

  4. yay! congrats on starting a blog! you'll love living in the blog world. :)