I've decided that to help keep track of my goals I need to write them down, and to help keep me accountable for them I am going to put them on here for the whole world to see! (Haha so I might not have that many readers but you know what I mean) 


1.    Be able to run for at least 30 min straight.  I can only currently do intervals on the treadmill but I plan on working my way up to a solid run.  
2.    Do more strength training. I don't do enough and need to stop being so self conscious when doing it.
3.    Do more yoga! I love, love, love it but haven't gone to a class in forever. I love how it makes me feel. Also, I need to get myself a DVD so I can do it at home.
4.    Meal Plan/Eat more veggies/Actually cook more! Haha I realize this is three in one but they go together.


1.   To find my 'big girl job' by September. I feel like that is a happy medium between being too optimistic and taking forever. The first step is to get my resume fixed up, it's currently great for a customer service job but not suited for an accounting job at all.
2.   Start saving. Now that Brandon and I are living together we want to start saving for the future (wedding, house...etc) Right now it's not really feasible, but once life goal #1 happens for us we plan on getting a joint savings account so we can start!

I'll be adding and/or updating the ones I have here as I accomplish them or think of new ones!

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