Monday, February 28, 2011

Margherita Anyone?

Not that kind of margarita sillies! Smile with tongue out Though if I had the stuff to make one, I’d be all over that. It could be a margarita theme night! (making a mental note for the future – MUST do this!)

Today I had my margarita in pizza form. Margherita Pizza to be exact! (Little history lesson – apparently there was a Queen Marghertia in Italy and somebody made a pizza for her to look like the Italian flag and then named it after her! The more you knowNerd smile)  I have been craving it for like two weeks now, and it wasn’t going to go away anytime soon so I decided I had to make it!

The best part is, I made it completely from scratch! Well, the breadmaker did all the hard work, but I did the rest.

Into the breadmaker went:


1 1/3 cups of water (80-90 degrees F – I just ran my hot water tap for a while)
1/4 cup olive oil
1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 1/2 cups bread flour
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 tsp. bread machine yeast

** It is super important that you put them in the breadmaker in order! And make a little well in the flour to pour your yeast in **

Then you just pick the dough setting on your machine and let it do its thing!

After that you place the dough on a lightly floured surface and put a big mixing bowl on top for 10 min. so it can rise a little more. Divide it in half and roll one half out to desired size and put the other half in a bowl and keep covered. Top with sauce and favourite toppings and voila!

For margherita pizza, all you need is sliced mozzarella and basil. So simple and so yummy!


A few lessons learnt today – 1. I suck at rolling out circles. 2. You could actually see sauce before the cheese melted, I forgot it would melt and expand so I maybe overdid the cheese. 3. I also forgot that the basil would shrivel a bit and the big pretty leaves that covered the pizza aren’t so pretty anymore.

Oh well! It still tasted delish!

And on another foodie note – look what I finally found at Superstore today!


I may have bought four.. so yummy! I have always been jealous of seeing other bloggers with the little chobani yogurts etc and now I finally have something similar! It’s the fruit on the bottom kind, but that doesn’t appeal to me/I really don’t care, because I mix it up anyways! I can not eat yogurt (normal or greek, doesn’t matter) without stirring it super well. Maybe I’m weird, but I hate when things separate.. it just looks so gross! Plus I wanted the fruit mixed in to help sweeten up the yogurt.

This little lady enjoyed it too..


She LOVES yogurt and ice cream for some reason, so when ever I have them she isn’t far away. Within seconds of opening it she came straight to the table to mooch from me. Crying Meowing and all.

Now I am currently folding a bazillion four loads of laundry, while attempting to do some Advanced Accounting homework for tomorrows class. After having last week off  of school and not having to do any homework for a week straight it is so hard to get back into the groove of it! I think I might have to make some chai tea to perk me up and get to work. Goodnight!


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  1. HOLY MOLY, do I want a bread maker after reading your post! :) that pizza looks faaantastic!