Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Almost there!

The countdown is on!

Graduation is only 93 days away, and I finish classes in just under two months (SMU is seriously slacking in posting the exam schedule so I can't make an official countdown yet). 

I am super excited, and at the same time so nervous it makes my stomach turn! The thought of going for a real interview is terrifying! All the interviews I have had so far have been for customer service and have been hired practically on the spot. Not to mention I have only had like 3 or 4 interviews ever - I tend to stay at a job for a while. 

And I also just recently found out that my convocation is at 9:30 AM!! I was going to make a hair appointment for that day but not anymore! No salon is open that early - bah humbug :(  Looks like I have to  start practicing making my hair all pretty, and soon. When it comes to doing much more than blow-drying and flat ironing I fail big time. And with all the pictures that will happen that day I want to look my best! I don't want anything fancy like an updo or whatever, just pretty hair. You know when you see pictures of celebrities and they have that really pretty wavy/almost but not quite curly hair thing going on, that. That is what I want. A step up from a basic everyday blowout.

A crazy early grad ceremony also means that I have to convince my dad to fly out a day earlier than planned. He is coming in from Sooke, BC and wouldn't get in until 7 or 8pm if I'm lucky. Add in a lovely case of jet lag and waking up early enough to be downtown for 8:30 in the morning will not be a fun event. Plus, flying in early would mean an extra day for visiting which is always a plus! Considering I see him once a year (other than skype) if I am lucky, any extra time would be great.

To change the topic completely - I went to the gym for the second time this week today! Granted it was only about 45 minutes of intervals on the treadmill but it is better than nothing! I had been majorly slacking in that department for the past few weeks and when I was just about to get back into it I went and got a chest infection. So I am super pumped I am on track for this week!

It's all about celebrating the little things in life :)


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