Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Love Days Like Today


Today was such a great day! I was finally able to do my taxes this morning, and afterwards I walked home. It was faster than waiting for the bus and it was so nice out I figured why not! I forgot how much I love going for walks in my neighborhood when the weather cooperates. It was so pretty and relaxing, definitely a great way to start my day.

This afternoon, Momma P and I decided to skating on the Canada Games Oval on the commons.

It was SO much fun! And boy, were my legs/bum sore after! I haven't skated in a little over a year so I was a little rusty at first but after a few minutes it was just 'like riding a bike'! They were playing music over a bunch of speakers, the sun was shining, and I was in a sweater! That's right! It was so nice that I actually took off my jacket and skated in my hoodie.

Another thing that made today great - I finally got my grad ring!  I never thought that I would want one but I love, love, love it! 

Now I just have to pass everything! (I think I can manage that haha) Oh and it isn't nearly as bulky as it looks, it's just cause it is close up. It has B.Comm on one side and 11 for my grad year. Finally I am almost done, after 5 years! 

Oh! I also got this lovely item today...

Hot huh? Its shower cap for when I do my coconut oil treatments (review and info post to come on it soon!) It's definitely a step up from the grocery bags/saran wrap I have been using! I'm not gonna lie, I totally love it. Branmuffin is going to laugh his bum of when he sees me in this!  

P.S I added a recipe page! Soon to come - my signature brownie recipe!
P.P.S - I just found Presidents Choice has greek yogurt!! I am going straight to the store after work tomorrow to try it! I am really looking forward to trying this flavor. 


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