Saturday, February 19, 2011

Low-Key Saturday

Today started off great - had a deeeelish breakfast of Peanut Butter Cup Oats. They are nothing fancy, just some stove top oatmeal with a spoonful of PB swirled in and a sprinkling of choco. chips on top! So simple but soooo yummy! 

After breakfast I quickly got ready (slept in, yet again!) and ran out to catch the bus to work. It was a pretty good day overall, not too busy which is nice but the day felt like it was dragging on. I finished reading my usual websites/blogs a few hours into my shift, so I had to resort to Facebook and Twitter. But of course those were only entertaining for a little while too, not too many updates cause everyone else seemed to be out enjoying their Saturday! Lucky buggers :P 

I was kind of productive though  I did make a to-do list for when I got off work. I need to make them or else I get home and get into automatic lazy mode and forget pretty much everything I meant to do. Especially the little things like charging my iPod. 

I already managed to cross off a few things! And some I am saving until tomorrow morning, like making my work lunch. Mostly because I really wanted to use some of the super yummy and easy peasy marinara sauce from Andrea at Can You Stay For Dinner

All the ingredients ready to go

It took next to no time at all, and from the taste tests I have done so far is amazing! 

You can get the recipe here

Once the sauce was simmering it was finally time to relax.  Which equals watching a Full House marathon and painting my nails. 

The shade is called Trust Fund Baby.  I love it! I can't figure out the settings on my camera/it's in kind of crappy lighting but its actually a little pinker than the picture shows.  Sooo pretty. I think it's my new favorite shade. Also, why is it that almost immediately after painting my nails I always have to pee!? Ah! So annoying haha. 

It's getting late now, I was going to bake some muffins but that can wait until tomorrow. I need my beautysleep!


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