Monday, February 14, 2011

It's been awhile..

But I am back!

I was going to start fresh, maybe even a new blog and completely start from scratch, but I really like the name I picked and it took me forever to pick it out that I am not putting myself through that again!

I am changing how I am doing this though. This is completely for me. I am not going to force a schedule on myself to have a post every day, or even every other day. I am going to aim to get at least two new posts a week. This is something I do truly enjoy, but I know if I put that kind of pressure on myself I won't enjoy it or do it as much.

Also, I have to get over my irrational fear of people I know reading this. Sounds silly I know but somehow I am more ok with complete strangers reading this than I am my family and friends. So, I am actually going to link this to my Facebook profile, instead of keeping it on Twitter only (where I only truly "know" a handful of people).

I'm gonna have to leave at that for today, but I just had to get that off my chest and actually do it. I will have a much lighter/normal post soon.

For now I have to get back to studying for my "Media in Everyday Life" midterm. There is sooo much vocab and theories etc to memorize. I really hate when an elective you take for fun turns out to be more work than some of your required classes! Biggest pet peeve ever, well at least top 5.



  1. Good for you! And your blog is lookin' pretty spiffy, if I do say so myself :)

  2. Haha thanks! :) I just look at other blog's that have been around longer and they are so personalized and pretty, I need to figure that out!

  3. Just came across your blog- love the name :) dont change it. That is always the hardest part haha. I look forward to reading more!
    Stop on over!