Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm So Excited...

And I just can't hide it!  (Sorry. It's been stuck in my head all day and I couldn't help myself)

Have you ever been so excited you could just burst?!

I have - and I am right now! I'm pretty sure nothing could ruin my day right now.. *hopefully I'm not jinxing myself....* Seriously though, I am busting out into random happy dances like it's my job and can't focus for the life of me.

What's got me so excited you wonder? Well since you asked...

#1. My dad arrives tomorrow. Considering that I see him once a year in person (if I'm lucky), this is kind of a big deal.

#2. I graduate on Friday!!! I went to pick up my gown and got my pictures done today so it has finally sunk in.

#3. I.....HAVE.....AN......INTERVIEW! For an actual accounting position. I know I haven't actually got the job yet.. heck I haven't even been interviewed yet... but I didn't think I was even going to get a call! It's only a phone interview, but if I do well on that then I will get an in person interview...and then maybe the job! I have been printing off phone interview tips all day and trying to practice some answers because I am not sure when they are going to call but it might be as soon as tomorrow!

I can't really focus long enough to write much else, but I really wanted to share that!


On a side note.. I know I haven't been posting much lately and I really have no excuses. I have been slacking on working out and with getting ready for this week I haven't been eating as well as I should have and didn't want to admit it so I avoided the blog.  At least I can admit it, and I know better. I have found a training program I want to follow for 5k (maybe 10k if I am feeling ambitious :P ) in the fall and I am going to try my hardest to stick to it. Whats the saying... it takes 3 weeks to make something a habit?


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  1. Congrats on the graduation AND on the interview! It is so nice to graduate and know that you have an interview waiting for you.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88