Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grad, Dad, and an Interview!


I’m backkkkk! My internet is finally fixed and life has calmed down a bit for now so I can finally get back to normal!

So what’s new? Well first of all…


I am officially a University grad! Open-mouthed smile The ceremony was ridiculously long, but so worth it. I am happy to report I did not trip! But I didn’t pause long enough for my picture to be taken so I had to awkwardly back track a bit. I was just so focused on getting across that stage! I was so happy that all of my family was there as well. I had quite the entourage – they took up a whole row! The Chancellor actually told me “I can tell which row is yours!”

My Dad and Step-mom flew in from BC for my graduation. It was such an amazing visit. My dad finally got to meet my niece in person (they have only talked over skype until now), and meet my sisters boyfriend fiance for the first time as well!

We made sure to do/eat as many quintessential East Coast things as possible while they were here – there are some things we just do better out here!

We had donairs, went to the Lower Deck and the Old Triangle, and on the last night of our visit we had lobster (or spiders as my niece wanted to call them Smile with tongue out) for supper – oh and mussels too!


(My Step-mom, sister and me!)

Oh and you can’t forget the wine – Nova Scotian as well! It was from Jost but I can’t remember the name of it.

We also got to use my graduation gift while my Dad was here:


I don’t have any pictures of when we actually used it while he was here, but I just needed to show you anyway!

I really wasn’t expecting a grad gift, because honestly I know flying across the country isn’t exactly cheap so to me that was a gift itself, but I am so excited I finally have a BBQ! And this one is SO much better than the cheapo one I was planning on buying from Wal-Mart!
I basically plan on BBQing every meal I possibly can now Smileespecially now that it is finally starting to get hot out!

So remember that phone interview I mentioned last week? Apparently I rocked it because on Tuesday I got a call asking me to come in for an actual interview on Thursday!

I think the interview went well – I made sure to prepare as much as I possibly could. I researched the company, practiced answers and googled as many possible questions as I could. And since this all happened so quick – I seriously didn’t think I would get a call that fast – I had to run out and buy a suit! I really didn’t have anything I thought was good for an interview so a last minute shopping trick was in order!

This is what I ended up with :

I felt so professional! Smile with tongue out 

Now it’s just a matter of waiting. They have my references and said they would be making a decision by the end of this week so I have all my fingers crossed until then. It would be so amazing if I could get this job. I’m trying not to get my hopes up because I know they were interviewing other people as well but I can’t help but daydream about how AWESOME it would be to get it!

Plus – they are right next door to a Goodlife! Which means I would have ZERO excuse not to go after work most days!

So that’s what was going on with me when I disappeared! It was a great and crazy week and I loved every second of it.


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