Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meaghan’s Got Her (Workout) Groove Back

Last night after eating ridiculous amounts of pancakes for Pancake Day, Brandon and I decided to hit up the gym. I’m not normally an evening gym goer but after eating such a heavy supper (I only had like one and a half and was soooooooo full after) I figured it would probably be a good idea.

I was right! I felt awesome after trying out this treadmill workout I found on Sweet Tooth Sweet Life


I. Love. It.

Totally being added to my regular routine.

I found the 45 minutes flew by because I wasn’t focusing on the “ohmygawd this is so long I am going to get bored” total length because I just kept focusing on the next interval. Breaking it down into little 5 min. (at most) parts let me just think about what I was doing and what I would be changing it to next.

Plus I torched way more calories then I normally do on the treadmill – always a plus! Mostly because I don’t normally know “what to do” or push myself as hard as I should. But I actually really enjoyed this, pushed myself cause I knew whatever I was doing was only for a few minutes and by the end I was dripping. (I almost took a picture to prove it, but then I decided I need more normal pictures of me on here first haha). I haven’t worked myself that hard in a while and I forgot how much I love the feeling afterwards. This workout was just what I needed, l finally am back in the workout groove.

As for today, I have one more class and then I get to go home and spend the evening studying my bum off for a midterm tomorrow. Graduation can’t come fast enough. I am so over school Smile with tongue out.  I plan on trying to squeeze in a 30 Day Shred workout too.

Oh, and something else is happening today too. But I don’t want to jinx it. Just cross your fingers for me pretty pretty please and hopefully I will have some good news to share tonight!


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