Sunday, June 12, 2011

Letttt’s try that again…

So, I have a confession to make…

I kind of maybe super failed at my first attempt at training for my 5k.

Like big time failed.

Like out of 6 workouts in 2 weeks I only got in maybe…three?

I had the best intentions, really! And I don’t mean to make a bunch of excuses but last week I really was sick. Well, kind of sick. More like I had a migraine for 4 days straight. Seriously.. Monday-Thursday I was popping ibuprofen and allergy meds like my life depended on it. Allergies + a low pressure system + hormones = practically dying Meaghan.

BUT – I’m going to say that was just bad luck/bad timing. And is not going to be a regular “excuse”.
So, I am starting over tomorrow. For real this time Smile with tongue outI have already scheduled my workouts into my planner for the week so I can’t pretend like I don’t have the time!

Now that I have that off of my chest – lets catch up!

I haven’t blogged in a week or so (something I am also blaming on my headaches.. I stare at a computer screen at work all day and couldn’t even consider looking at it when I got home too).  So since Mon-Thurs was very uneventful, lets talk about the weekend!

Friday was the first day in a long time I finally got to spend some QT with my kitchen. I hadn’t baked or really cooked in way too long (true story – Brandon has been cooking a lot for me lately, or we have been eating quick little meals…not cooking to enjoy but to eat. Boring!) so I itching to get cooking!

First, I made Andrea's marinara sauce.

Can I just say how much I *lovelovelovelovelove* this sauce?! Because I really do.

I’ve made it a couple times now and the love is only growing stronger. If you haven’t made it yet, do it. Now.. here’s the link. No excuses now!


Mmmm – it smelled "*so* good! Lots of garlic and onion – how could it not?!

The finished product! Not the best picture I know (and not even all of it!). I had already started putting everything away and I realized I had super slacked on the picture taking so I quickly took a picture of this container.

After the sauce was finished, I decided to get my bake on and make some delicious looking cookies I found on Jessica's blog. Brown sugar blueberry cookies to be exact!

Blueberries were also on sale for 1.99/pint this week so I took it as a sign I just HAD to make them Winking smile

Except mine didn’t look quite as pretty as her’s… in fact they didn’t even really look like cookies.









More like random mini scone type things. Which is weird because I followed it to a T (tee? tea? I really don’t get that phrase…oh well!) and apparently I wasn’t the only one. I read through her comments and it happened to a couple of other people as well. At least they still tasted great!

Another great thing about this weekend? 

Brandon, the wonderful man he is, decided to give me my birthday presents a couple days early. He knew I was having a rough week (on top of the headache I also found out I didn’t get that job I interviewed for a couple weeks back) and knew just how to cheer me up.

(plus some unpictured/already devoured chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactorySmile with tongue out)

He listens to hints well Winking smile. I couldn’t really think of any one thing that I really wanted this year but he knew I have been eyeing some new products at MAC, knew I desperately needed a new planner, and have been wanting to try the shatter nail polish! I couldn’t have asked for more!

I’ve already tried the shatter a couple times (it’s a real b*tch to get off!) and this is my favorite combo so far:

The picture doesn’t do it justice really… the blue is actually much darker in real life. And don’t mind my little kid hands haha.

And that’s the highlights of my weekend! Now I am going to spend the rest of my birthday eve curled up watching my favourite movie of all time (Funny Face) and get my beauty sleep.

How was your week/weekend?? What’s your favourite movie? Smile

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  1. How good to know your recipe and I make my own too for my kids, the pictures look great and I'm sure kids love it..