Saturday, August 13, 2011

Right Now

I found this over at Caitlin’s blog, Eat Pray Pilate, and decided to do it too! (ps. if you don’t read her blog yet, you should. Definitely one of my favorites!)

Listening: Honey Bee - Blake Shelton

Eating: Nothing

Drinking: Sugar-Free Red Bull

Feeling: Sleepy and a little crabby, but it’s getting better!

Wondering: What I should wear on Monday.

Thinking: Trying to decide which TurboFire workout I want to do this evening, or if I should just go for a walk/jog outside since it’s finally nice out again.

Loving: This picture
                                                    (currently my desktop background)

Not Loving: The fact that I am completely broke and Sephora just opened yesterday at the mall. Bah Humbug :(

Needing: Highlight and a trim - desperately. It’s been ages since my last appointment. Ooh, and new work clothes.

Also on my mind: I hope this day goes by fast.. working on the weekends is never fun.

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