Friday, April 15, 2011

Pep Talks and Pretzels!

This week was exhausting!

I had three exams in a row (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) and two of them were intense. One was worth FIFTY percent of my grade, which just shouldn’t be allowed in my opinion, and the other was in Advanced Accounting – my hardest class this semester. It was also my last one for the week thank gawd – I am mentally exhausted from that one.  I may or may not have left that exam in tears (hint – I totally did).

One thing that got me through this week were my mini pep talks I gave myself. I always over stress way too much and I find taking a minute to remind myself that I know the material, that I need to just remember to breathe and take my time through the test really helps.  I totally look like a crazy person sitting at my desk on the third floor of the library talking to myself, but hey – it usually works!

I even left myself some post it notes like the one in the picture throughout my agenda, kind of like my own personal Operation Beautiful for studying.

Pep talks + caffeine are what got me through this week. One more exam next week and I am DONE.

I’m sure my 5+ cup of coffee days were not healthy. Wednesday night Brandon cut me off at coffee number 6. I was starting to get twitchy!

Today I decided to give myself a mental vacation full of NOT studying. It was low key and amazing and just what I needed.

Brandon picked me up from work and we headed out grocery shopping. Afterwards we came home and he decided he was going to cook supper – no complaints here! It was nice to just sit back and let him do all the work Smile with tongue out.  He made spaghetti with garlic bread and it was just the comfort food I needed.

Then I got to catch up on the important things I missed this week, like How I Met Your Mother and finish up clearing out my Google Reader – go MIA for a whole week and Holy Moley does is ever fill up! It was over 200! I got a good chunk of it read today at work and finished up at home will Brandon cleaned up from supper.

Yepp, cooked and cleaned! I got spoiled today Winking smile

Then we finally did something that we have been meaning too for weeks!

Made pretzels!


My mom gave me this mix forever ago, and we have been wanting to make them for ages but never got around to it.

They were so good!!


Brushed with butter and sprinkled with sea salt – so simple but so good Smile 

It was my first time ever making pretzels, but it was so easy I think next time I will try making them from scratch! Also because I have no clue where to repurchase this mix – my mom got it from a friend at work.

Any suggestions for a recipe I should try?

Also, sorry for the slightly broken promise last week. I didn’t realize how little “free” time I was going to have lately.  I did make a page for the Bloggie Book Club though – and 100% will be doing it when the new book gets picked for May!

Expect more regular posts from here on in!

I’m back – for real this time!


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  1. I love the picture with the post-it. I do the same thing and write down little motivational notes for myself where I stick around the house to help keep me on track.