Friday, August 27, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice...

Practice makes perfect right?

I know my blog posts haven't been exactly regular lately but I am trying! I am still getting the hang of this, and luckily I really do enjoy blogging. Life has just been nuts with an erratic work schedule, and getting ready for back to school. It's my victory lap year at SMU so I have to make sure SL info is all set and my "Application for Graduation" is handed in.  The count down will be commencing soon for May 20, 2011 :)

I have been ok with keeping up with my exercise lately, not as frequent as I would like, but alright. I really feel that having such an erratic schedule impacts how often I go to the gym. That's part of the reason I am actually looking forward to going back to school, I will have the same schedule every week, even my work schedule will be a little more regular. Also, I have decided to go to spin class at the Tower twice a week after class to get some serious cardio in. I tried it once and I loved it! Two reasons why I should be able to *ahem* WILL be able to stick to it are 1)it is right after class and I will already be on campus, and 2) for most of the fall Brandon coaches football until 6 so even if we had plans I can still go to this before.

And in the spirit of making an effort to get serious about exercise, I figured it was about time to replace my super old sneakers (6 years old.. ancient in sneaker years... and talk about worn down!) with these new sneaks :)

My eats have been pretty darn good if I do say myself. I am still getting used to taking pictures of my meals, so I only have a few snapshots of what I have been eating. I am pleased to say only 2 chocolate bars have only managed to sneak their way into my belly (this is a huge improvement for me) and I blame that tempting monster of a Vending Machine at work.

I am striving not to "diet", but to just eat healthier. I am trying to eat things as close to their natural state as possible as a general rule. No crazy preservatives or additives I can't pronounce. One great find on my last grocery trip was this:

Vanilla Greek Yogurt - YUM!

And I also have been drinking a lot of this:

Loose Leaf Green Seduction Tea from David's Tea

I think I have found a Red Bull replacement. It tastes amazing and gives me enough of a pep to wake up me and keep me going. Plus its a healthier, no-crash pick me up. I am in love.

I have also been reading lots and lots of blogs, and finding some really great recipes I can't wait to try. One in particular is A Teenage Gourmet's Tomato Corn Pot Pie. I think it looks absolutely delish.

As of right now though, I just finished a crazy late supper of steak and sweet potatoe fries (devoured it way too fast to take a picture.. it wasn't pretty) and now I am going to curl up and watch an episode or two of Lost before bed. I'm in season 5, so I am almost done!


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  1. I agree, Liberte yogurt is the best. And congrats on the move to healthier living!