Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a week....

And it's only Tuesday! So if my blog posts aren't as regular as I plan for them to be this week I apologize ahead of time...

I know that there is "always time for fitness" in my daily routine or so I have been told by countless magazine articles in Oxygen and other fitness magazines, personal trainers and so on... but can someone please tell me where?!

I feel like I have no time to breathe, let alone exercise. Especially this week, in which I have a term paper and two large assignments due, work (I know for most students this normally isn't much...but I work almost full time during the school year to make ends meet), class, and to top it all off... I MOVE on Friday. It's enough to make me want to curl up in bed and just wish it all away. *If only that were possible*

But of course that won't work. So I am just trying to take it one assignment, and one box at a time and tell myself it will all be over soon.

I have been trying to get some exercise in. I took a hula hoop class at Studio in Essence last year, and I still have the hoop (I even remember some of the tricks!). The hoop is actually weighted and heavier than a normal child's hula hoop. On Sunday and Monday I managed to squeeze in some 'hooping' while watching TV for about 30 minutes, and honestly after doing that straight for half an hour I really do break a small sweat! After that I try and squeeze in a few body bar exercises like bicep curls or weighted lunges.

Today unfortunately I honestly had zero time. Between waking up and remembering a third assignment that was due this afternoon and having to skip class to finish it, going to class, coming home to move some of my things, and finally finish my paper there is just no energy or time left.

I have been trying to eat as healthy as I can. My breakfast is pretty standard, Fiber 1 Cereal and sometimes a little yogurt. Lunch has been a lean chicken breast sandwich on whole wheat (I know turkey is supposed to be better for you but chicken just tastes so much better!). Supper has been all over the place, last night it was Kraft Dinner and Edamame (in the pod, not mixed in...ew!) and tonight was chicken breast. My disclaimer for the random/boring/WTF food combos is that I really, really, really need groceries. There is practically nothing in my kitchen. But for now, I just can't bring myself to buy any until after I move. I know it probably sounds weird but I just don't want to have to move my stuff and a bunch of food.

I hope everyone else is having a better week, and I promise there will be more regular posts in the future. Sorry if today's blog sounded very whiny. Oh! And I have been carrying my camera with me more often, so I can start remembering to take pictures of what I am eating.

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